Workout Wednesdays: Easy at home Ab Workout.

So as promised, I’m back on my workout game and I’m ready to share my journey.

Welcome to workout Wednesdays!

I’ll be working out on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays but I’ll work hard to make sure one of those days is recorded to share my journey and workout routines.

Check out my YouTube video for the full workout

Begin: Stretch for 30 Seconds

Stretching is essential to any work out to avoid injury and to prepare your body for the workout.

Next: Warm up by Jumping Rope for 1 minute

Jumping rope is one of the most neglected things in exercising. Usually I begin a workout by jogging for at least 10 minutes. However, in this workout we’re going to start by jumping rope, as it is a full body exercise.

Plank for 30 Seconds

Let’s begin the workout with a plank. I try to include a plank in all my workouts, because it is good for toning your body.

Bird Dogs for 60 seconds

Planks help to strengthen your core by forcing your abs to balance your body. Remember to breathe through all your exercises.

Alternate Plank Dips for 90 seconds (Left then Right)

Remember this is an ab workout, so it will be strengthening and working your core. Start with the right side plank dips for 45 seconds. Then move over to a left side plank dip for 45 seconds.

This was the preview … For the full workout check out my YouTube video. See you next Wednesday for a fantastic workout session. 🙌

With Love,

As you work to your healthiest body, don’t forget to check my shop!

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