Working from Home? | 10 Day plan to promote peace of mind and body wellness


Day 1 | Meditate

In this post, movement and self-awareness will be seen in 3-day increments. However, first we will start with meditation as it is a way to control our thoughts. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Take this time to block out everything around you. Tune out the negativity. Find a nice quiet space and only listen to your mind. Tune out any talk of the Corona virus, bills, work and other troubles during this point. This is just your time to re-align your mind. Adding some calming music doesn’t hurt either.

Day 2| Phone a Friend

Have a Phone Conversation

So we’re socially isolated right? That doesn’t mean you can’t check in on your friends. Now is a good time to catch up on a conversation. Just make sure you’re not dwelling on the pandemic situation at hand. In fact, why talk about it?….unless you both have a solution to fixing it.

Day 3 | Create a Fitness Plan

Create a Fitness Plan

Don’t neglect your fitness! Whether it’s walking daily or just dancing to your favorite playlist, the point is to get moving. Create a plan where you move for at least 20 minutes each day. Alternatively, you can check out one of my workouts.

Drink Tea

Day 4| Have Some Tea

Notice I didn’t say coffee. Coffee usually contains a high concentration of caffeine which is a stimulant to get you excited. Though this may be a great feeling, we’re going for calm. Tea has a lower concentration or sometimes no caffeine at all, to infuse the body with herbs, water and a feeling of calmness.

Day 5| Clean


A clean room creates a clean mind space. It makes you feel a lot better. You’re less cluttered mentally and in your physical space. Plus you can make it loads of fun.

Day 6| Incorporate Yoga

Incorporate Yoga Poses

Incorporate yoga poses with your meditation this time as you allow your body to melt. Yoga helps to relieve stress by releasing pented up endorphins. Don’t control the muscles, instead relax into these three poses; Tree pose, Corpse pose (Savasana) and easy pose (Sukhasana) shown in order below.

Day 7| Catch up on a Hobby

Explore a Hobby

Hobbies are always fun and possibly relaxing depending on the hobby. However, a hobby definitely brings enjoyment while relieving stress. Need some ideas? Check out my previous post shown below.

Day 8 | Recite an Affirmation


An Affirmation or mantra is a good way to get your mind on task. The goal is, if you say it enough times, you’ll believe it. So speak it into existence. A mantra, derived from the Hinduism and Buddhism cultures, is essentially a phrase you repeat to yourself.

Here are 5 positive mantras to get you started. You can choose one or create one more relevant to you.

  • I am strong and I can do anything
  • I matter
  • I love myself
  • Today is a new day to start….(a new habit, loving myself etc)
  • I’m lucky to be surrounded with loving people

Day 9| Engage your five senses

Nourish your Senses

So what does that mean? Engage your five senses by taking a moment to actually use them. Grab you favorite fruit and sit on a math for this stress reliever. You will utilize your sense of hearing, sight, smell, touch and then taste.

While sitting on your mat with your fruit in front of you, close your eyes for a few seconds. Listen intently! What sounds do you hear? After a few minutes, focus on your sense of smell… Is there a smell you haven’t noticed before? Does the fruit tantalize any senses in any way?

Your eyes are still closed. Now move your hands slowly around your body and then to the adjacent area. Right now, we’re not touching our faces, that way we can avoid open orifices. What did you feel? Perfect! Now open your eyes, is everything the same as you thought when your eyes were closed? Look around to see. All done! Now you can eat your fruit. However, take time to enjoy what you’re eating using as much of your senses as you can.

Day 10| Engage in a Water Fast

Water fasting is a good way to clear your mind and body. It’s like a body reset. In these uncertain times when food is already being rationed, a one day water fast should be easy. However, whether you do a one day water fast or a 7 day water fast, it will be a jolt to your consciousness.

I’ve done Ramadan fasting, which is no joke. The best advice for intermittent fasting, is to prepare your mind mentally. You can try water fasting where you only drink water from sunrise to sunset or 6am to 6pm, but you can eat something light before or after those times. So essentially, you’re still eating.

Just remember, consult a doctor if you have medical concerns and learn about the proper ways to do a water fast. Most importantly, be safe!

That’s it! Hope these tips helped

Wishing you safety and prosperity,

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