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We All Have A Favorite Eyebrow: Il Makiage Eyebrow Review

Are your eyebrows on fleek? Mine are definitely not on fleek 80% of the time. I have super thin eyebrows that are almost non existent on my face unless it grows to it’s bushy state. Hence, I was compelled to try the Il Makiage line when I saw their ad on Facebook.

Il Makiage Eyebrow Review

Who They Are

Il Makiage is a thriving cosmetic company based in New York. They claim to not test on animals and have paraben-free and phthalate-free makeup.


So by now, you may notice I’m not a heavy Sephora makeup kinda girl. I honestly enjoy trying other brands and actually rarely use Sephora. In my opinion, makeup should not be the same cost as my phone bill, but that’s just me.

I came across Il Makiage while browsing Facebook, which is the best way to promote a business nowadays.


  • Filled out a short questionnaire to learn more about my eyebrow type. (Felt almost personal)
  • Quick Shipping
  • Try before you buy (You have 14 days to try the eyebrow set, then you can return it if you didn’t like it… Minus shipping costs)


  • A little overpriced ($50 if you choose to buy)
  • Just okay (I ended up buying an eyebrow pencil from Walgreens for less that $5. Worked like a charm)


Since it’s free to try, you should give it a shot. Just be sure to return it before the trial period ends. It’s also great that the product you send back, gets donated or sold at a reduced cost to another beautiful lady… If I remember correctly.

Do you have a favorite eyebrow? Perhaps one that always comes out perfectly with minimal effort?

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