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Tutorial: DIY Carnival Costume

The day is finally here where I get to wear a carnival costume I made… But only for a jouvert party.

This costume was pretty easy to make and took about 6 hours, only because I kept stopping to do odds and ends around the house.

Videos are so much easier to watch


  • Glue Gun + glue sticks
  • Feathers (assorted sizes and colors)
  • Rhinestones (assorted sizes… Find the ones with holes if you are sewing it)
  • Old/ Unwanted Bathing suit
  • Jewels/ Accessories
  • Elastic (optional)


4-6 Hours


Step 1: Gather your materials on a clear working space.

Step 2: Think and arrange how you want the accessories to be attached before gluing.

Once you start gluing it’s harder to take off and it starts to look messy. You can also chose to see the accessories but that takes more time.

Step 3: Start gluing your decorations, usually rhinestones and jewels in the way previously arranged.

This is the most time consuming part but definitely worth it.

Step 4: Make accessories (optional)

Your accessories can include arm bands, your crown and leg bands.

In this step, I used the elastic to make the crown, arm bands and leg bands. Don’t forget to make 2 each.

These are the leg bands.

First, measure your arm with a piece of elastic for the arm bands. Then add feathers or any other accessories that you desire. Repeat this process for the leg bands.

However, for the crown, after you measure your head, make sure to leave extra space so it’s not too tight. Add an extra layer over the feathers so it won’t be felt on your head when wearing it.

*Also, you can add tights to complete your look.

Thanks for Reading,

With Love

Note: Not available for purchase on and no I don’t make custom orders. This costume is simply for a Jouvert party I plan on attending.

Being a costume designer is hard work and I would not like to take away from the work that they do.

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