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The Natural Hair Debate

The topic of natural hair can be overwhelming yet liberating. It’s been a while since I did opinion style writing on Natural Hair. However, my Instagram feed has been off the charts. Hopefully, this post will be brief.


Growing up with 4c hair has always had its challenges where you’re supposed to conform to look a certain way in society. I remember my first perm at the age of 11 because it was too much work to deal with my extremely thick hair. In actuality, it was because all the girls in school were expected to have straight hair.


Fast forward about 20-30 years later to the Natural hair movement. Thankfully, 4c hair is now more widely accepted but still has not been truly accepted in the top 5.

Hear me out, I love my 4c hair but I’ve also noticed representation of 4c hair is still not everywhere. Scroll through natural hair videos on YouTube and an abundance of type 2 or 3 curls would be present.

My mantra is to love your hair and it’s one reason I started this blog and my YouTube channel. However, representation of all hair types is fundamental for the little girl growing up wishing to see hair like hers in the public figure.

The Natural Hair Debate is constantly defining differences yet it also discusses being free to wear your hair however you want. What do I mean?

I mean where there’s a good, there’s always a bad. On one hand I’m encouraged to wear my 4c hair but when I do, there’s always a scrutiny, is it too short, is the curl pattern to tight… Is it attractive? All questions I’ve been plagued with since going natural.

Similarly, the natural hair debate still encompasses the “good hair vs. bad hair” debate as well as the connotations of wigs and much more.

I’ve already went much deeper into the debate than I wanted to. My point is… Love and appreciate your hair in anyway it comes. I was so elated to learn of the yearly ‘Curlfest’ celebration in July that I added it to the Meetup.

In NYC? Join The Meetup

“Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off.”

Author Unknown

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