10 Minute Facial

It’s been a wonderful start to the new year! I finally hit 1k followers on YouTube 🥳… So celebration post coming soon. Hope your 2020 has been as amazing as you are. Moving on, have you been taking care of yourself? Remember in the last post, ‘New Year, New You, The One Resolution You shouldContinue reading “10 Minute Facial”

How to Detox your skin (Best Tips)

My skin care routine has been consistent and consistency is key. However, if you see something is not working, it may be time to really check why. After adding the toner to my routine, I noticed a few pimples that I don’t believe to be hormonally connected. However, at the same time, I do noticeContinue reading “How to Detox your skin (Best Tips)”

5 Reasons You should use a toner!

So I know, it’s been forever. The start of the school year is always the busiest. While I’ve been productive at work, I’ve slightly neglected my blog 😟. Thinking positively, I had a little break to refresh my mind. Nonetheless, I’ve still been busy improving my skin care regimen and found the importance of aContinue reading “5 Reasons You should use a toner!”

5 Easy Summer Drinks For Glowing Skin

We all know beauty starts from the inside. Detoxing your body is the best start to glowing skin. So why not try a detox with these easy natural Ingredients. No need to buy a ready made detox because you can make these at home. 5. Pomegranate and Lemon Apple Cider Vinegar This is the mostContinue reading “5 Easy Summer Drinks For Glowing Skin”

Can you cure acne? Let’s talk: Curology

What is it? So first off, what is Curology? Curology is a subscription service personalized for treating your skin. My Random thoughts Can you cure acne? I don’t think acne can be cured but it can be managed. Then again, I’m not a doctor. Either way, you have to give props to the play onContinue reading “Can you cure acne? Let’s talk: Curology”

Believe it or not: Trader Joe’s Rose Water Review.

So it’s been a busy past few weeks filled with long days and tiring nights. After my makeover at Il Makiage (which I’ll post about later), I was reminded of my tired looking acne prone skin. Therefore, I set out to refresh my skin. I searched Amazon for a vitamin filled facial spray to refreshContinue reading “Believe it or not: Trader Joe’s Rose Water Review.”

Skin Fasting?

So I know about fasting to cleanse your body, but I was shocked to learn about fasting to cleanse your skin. Overview Skin fasting which apparently originated in the millennial era is where people fast. Just kidding! It’s fasting, but not from food. It’s a way to rejuvenate skin by abstaining from facial products includingContinue reading “Skin Fasting?”

I’m not Kidding| Black soap does that?| 5 Benefits of black soap

African black soap is loaded with vitamins A and E. It’s no wonder, it’s so good for your skin. It does so much, I had to make a list of the top 5 benefits of black soap. I’m a long time user of black soap all over my body. However, I was always terrified toContinue reading “I’m not Kidding| Black soap does that?| 5 Benefits of black soap”

Aztec Clay Review

I’ve been a long time user of the Aztec Clay and I figured it’s time to share my thoughts. First off, Aztec clay has been used for centuries. It is said to have healing properties that refresh your skin. About three years ago, I came across Aztec clay as a solution to enlarged pores andContinue reading “Aztec Clay Review”