5 Reasons You should use a toner!

So I know, it’s been forever. The start of the school year is always the busiest. While I’ve been productive at work, I’ve slightly neglected my blog 😟. Thinking positively, I had a little break to refresh my mind. Nonetheless, I’ve still been busy improving my skin care regimen and found the importance of aContinue reading “5 Reasons You should use a toner!”

Can you cure acne? Let’s talk: Curology

What is it? So first off, what is Curology? Curology is a subscription service personalized for treating your skin. My Random thoughts Can you cure acne? I don’t think acne can be cured but it can be managed. Then again, I’m not a doctor. Either way, you have to give props to the play onContinue reading “Can you cure acne? Let’s talk: Curology”

Magefy Eyelash Review

Pros Magefy Eyelashes are pretty good quality Comes with 3 different types of tweezers 5 of each style (2 styles total) Good quantity (should last a long time) Easy to clean Quick Shipping from Amazon Quick response rate from Amazon seller (Monkey King was the seller if I remember correctly) Comes with eyelid stickers InstructionsContinue reading “Magefy Eyelash Review”

Cali White |Activated Charcoal Toothpaste Review| Is it Worth it?

Background Recently, I was asked, “How’d you get your teeth so white? What do you brush with?” This was an inspiration for this post. So I’ve been intrigued about naturally whitening my teeth for some time. I don’t drink coffee, rarely drink alcohol but somehow, my teeth were still stained. I’ve tried home remedies ofContinue reading “Cali White |Activated Charcoal Toothpaste Review| Is it Worth it?”

Aztec Clay Review

I’ve been a long time user of the Aztec Clay and I figured it’s time to share my thoughts. First off, Aztec clay has been used for centuries. It is said to have healing properties that refresh your skin. About three years ago, I came across Aztec clay as a solution to enlarged pores andContinue reading “Aztec Clay Review”