Mofajang Color Wax Review

First off, I must say, I’ve never truly colored my hair. I have a fear of bleaching my hair and then it falling out. Thus, I’m in no rush to ever color my hair, besides, what if I don’t like the color? Enter this temporary hair color wax that’s sweeping the hair world by storm.Continue reading “Mofajang Color Wax Review”

A Pop of Color! Mofajang Hair Wax

Spring is almost here and winter has me feeling dull. Mofajang to the rescue! I’ve always seen the Instagram posts with many naturals adding blue, grey, purple, green and other mofajang colors to their hair. However, having never colored my hair before, I was reluctant to try it until a few coworkers started the trendContinue reading “A Pop of Color! Mofajang Hair Wax”