Tranquil Sundays| Yoga-laxation

Welcome to Yoga-laxation! In the current norm of despair and uncertainty, we all need some relaxation right now. A way to relax is with yoga as it balances out the negative and positive aspects of our life. Watch my Yoga-laxation session for the full effect. We’re going to be doing 5 poses for this sessionContinue reading “Tranquil Sundays| Yoga-laxation”

5 Reasons You Should Jog

So honestly I hate running on the treadmill at the gym, but if I’m outside in nature I definitely enjoy jogging. I have been jogging periodically for as long as I can remember. Some days are better than others. However, I never remember a time where I said, “Wow! I really hated this jog today.”Continue reading “5 Reasons You Should Jog”

Becoming a Fitness Trainer| 6 Steps

So with all that’s going on around concerns of the Corona virus, many more people are homebound or working from home. Please be safe, continue to wash your hands and keep taking precautionary steps. However, this also means you need to find more things to occupy your time. I have not been going to theContinue reading “Becoming a Fitness Trainer| 6 Steps”

A Gallon a Day

“Thousands have lived without love, but not one without water.” H. Auden Happy Wellness! Did you miss me? I’ve been busy working on the logistics of my store and thankfully, business is booming. Nonetheless, I have not neglected improving my overall wellness. As a result, when I came across this water challenge, I did notContinue reading “A Gallon a Day”

New Year, New You| The one resolution you should stick to.

Happy New Year! It’s that time when people make a thousand resolutions only to stop doing them after the first month. Signing up for the gym is usually the top of the list. Well no more! Taking care of yourself should be the one resolution that you never give up on. So whether you alreadyContinue reading “New Year, New You| The one resolution you should stick to.”

Workout Wednesdays: Easy at home Ab Workout.

So as promised, I’m back on my workout game and I’m ready to share my journey. Welcome to workout Wednesdays! I’ll be working out on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays but I’ll work hard to make sure one of those days is recorded to share my journey and workout routines. Check out my YouTube videoContinue reading “Workout Wednesdays: Easy at home Ab Workout.”

30-30 Ab Roller Challenge

So I’ve taken a momentary pause on my fitness and thankfully the scales have stayed at the same number. However, with summer break quickly approaching, I figured I still have time to attempt a miracle. Therefore, I’m returning to the No Carbs| No Sugar |10-Day Challenge I did a few months ago. However, in additionContinue reading “30-30 Ab Roller Challenge”

No Sugars, No Bad Carbs| 10 Day Challenge

If you haven’t seen yet, Jennifer Lopez has created a ‘snatched body’ through exercise and of course the no carb, no sugar challenge. I refrain from using the word diet because this is not a diet. This is a challenge to your mind and body. You are challenging your mind to eat better and youContinue reading “No Sugars, No Bad Carbs| 10 Day Challenge”

5 Ab Machines you shouldn’t ignore.

I have a love hate relationship with the gym. I enjoy going but I also don’t like the crowds when I get there. It’s a major deterrent. Thankfully, the weather is getting nicer so I’ll be able to work outdoors as I continue my fitness journey. In the meantime, these are the machines I’ve learnedContinue reading “5 Ab Machines you shouldn’t ignore.”