SunDIY 2: Four Resin Jewelry Tips for Beginners

Hope everyone had a restful Thanksgiving!🦃 Welcome to another episode of SunDIY. Crafting is always a delight. So today I’m showing how I made some cool resin pieces and sharing some tips. Tip 1: Explore First, resin can be a challenge only if you let it. When I first began resin jewelry, it was alwaysContinue reading “SunDIY 2: Four Resin Jewelry Tips for Beginners”

SunDIY 1: Tape Art | Mini Canvas Art

So back to school has been extremely busy but I’m finally getting around to posting this. Guess what! It’s a wonderful rainy day for SunDIY crafting. It’s the most relaxing thing to do in my super busy life. Without further adieu, here’s the first edition of “SunDIY” Paint (primary colors: blue, yellow, red and we’llContinue reading “SunDIY 1: Tape Art | Mini Canvas Art”

My Summer Favorite: Mango Strawberry Lemonade Recipe

Summer is winding down but this drink is not. Every Tuesday, my kids and I started a tradition called Denny Tuesdays, where kids eat free from 4 to 10pm. We go there every Tuesday, set aside all electronics and just have fun engaging in conversations. One day we went there and I tried the mangoContinue reading “My Summer Favorite: Mango Strawberry Lemonade Recipe”

Tutorial: DIY Carnival Costume

The day is finally here where I get to wear a carnival costume I made… But only for a jouvert party. This costume was pretty easy to make and took about 6 hours, only because I kept stopping to do odds and ends around the house. Materials: Glue Gun + glue sticks Feathers (assorted sizesContinue reading “Tutorial: DIY Carnival Costume”

Who Said Girls Can’t Woodburn?

“She remembered who she was and the game changed.” Lalah Deliah Sundays are fun days! Lately, I’ve been caught up with using wood as my canvas. In the last post, I talked about sticking to a hobby. Therefore, I had to share my love of woodburning. I usually use small pieces of wood because IContinue reading “Who Said Girls Can’t Woodburn?”

Find a hobby and stick to it.

Child: “What is a hobby?” Adult: “A hobby is something thatkeeps you occupied.” When I was younger, I always believed I had no innate skill. If only I knew about putting “positive in the universe.” Therefore, I decided, since I wasn’t born with any, I would have to learn some skills. That blossomed into exploringContinue reading “Find a hobby and stick to it.”