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SunDIY 2: Four Resin Jewelry Tips for Beginners

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Hope everyone had a restful Thanksgiving!🦃

Welcome to another episode of SunDIY. Crafting is always a delight. So today I’m showing how I made some cool resin pieces and sharing some tips.

Tip 1: Explore

First, resin can be a challenge only if you let it. When I first began resin jewelry, it was always a challenge of mixing the resin properly.

Each resin is different. Epoxy resin is the mixture of chemicals. Some need a little more time to set. They begin as a liquid but requires a polymer to harden the liquid to become a type of plastic.

Therefore the best tip I have is to explore how to properly mix your resins. Usually when you buy epoxy, there are two bottles labeled A and B.

It’s best if you have a small measuring cup to measure the amounts of resin you need. Add about an ounce more hardener to your resin solution and mix for about 3 to 5 minutes…this helps get rid of bubbles.

However, the more hardener you add, the faster the resin cures, which is not always a good thing.

Tip 2: Slowly Use Additives

Once you’ve explored how your resin mixes, now you can start adding little trinkets. Beads, glitter, dried leaves and other small solids.

Start with 1-2 at a time and see how your resin reacts to it. Remember that it could take 24 hours for your resin to fully cure or dry.

This is your time to continue exploring, how the resin holds the beads, does it stay on top, is it centered? Keep exploring to learn more about how resin reacts to new materials.

Tip 3: Explore with Colors

Colors are super fun in exploring resin. I honestly like to keep my resin clear. However, when I mix in colors, I mix them separately first.

I like to wait until the resin is a bit dry first then add the color as a layer. I’ll show this in another SunDIY.

Begin with lighter colors as they are easier to work with before moving up to the darker colors. Darker colors are extremely beautiful but you have to know how to not let it over power the resin.

Tip 4: Practice

The more you practice with resin the better you’ll get. Be Consistent! Make sure you stock up and have enough materials to practice with, but also remember, a little goes a long way.

Besides it’s fun, now that you have all the other steps down packed. You can even spice things up by using molds. Molds are very easy to use.

Did these tips help you? Leave a comment below to share your own thoughts and tips.

Until Next Time,

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