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SunDIY 1: Tape Art | Mini Canvas Art

So back to school has been extremely busy but I’m finally getting around to posting this. Guess what! It’s a wonderful rainy day for SunDIY crafting. It’s the most relaxing thing to do in my super busy life.

Without further adieu, here’s the first edition of “SunDIY”


  • Paint (primary colors: blue, yellow, red and we’ll also need black)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Skinny Tape
  • Mini Canvas
  • Water
  • Tissue

So we’ll be using subtractive primary colors because they mix into any color we want. Those colors are red, yellow and blue.

Step 1: Pre- Mix the colors

Photo by Luis Quintero on

Next you can premix the colors for the four sections we’ll be working with.

  • 1/ 4 is Orange (red + yellow)
  • 1/4 is Green (blue + yellow)
  • 1/4 is Blue
  • 1/4 is Purple (red + blue)

Step 2: Separate Canvas into 4 Sections

Next, separate your canvas into four sections with tape then paint to your hearts desire. This DIY is better understood when you watch the video, so I won’t bore you with text.


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