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NYC: Rosé All Day

So I went to Rosé Mansion NYC with a group of ladies. Was it all about the pictures?

Yes and no… Here’s why.


First off, What’s Rosé Mansion? Rosé Mansion is a wine tasting mini adventure explored through about 14 rooms and 8 types of wine.


This pop up museum encourages you to take pictures while exploring different artistic rooms.

As you enter, you walk through a multitude of rooms with a different theme. In each main room, you get to experience a different type of wine. The host(ess) of each room explains the origins and degrees of acidity or sweetness each wine contains among other things.


Rosé Mansion is fun with friends just expect to take a lot of pictures and sip a bit of wine. Also, expect there to be a lot of people beautifully dressed up and eager to take pictures while they sip from their rosé cup.

Satisfyingly, there’s quite enough rooms to take pictures. So for around $35 entry fee, it’s money well spent for the experience.


I don’t want to ruin the fun because this is one interactive museum I think you should check out. If you live in NYC or you’re visiting for the summer, check it out. Remember, it’s a pop up, so it won’t be there all summer.

*No, I’m not affiliated with Rosé Mansion nor was I paid to write this review. It was simply a fun experience with my meetup that I felt should be shared.

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