New Year, New You| The one resolution you should stick to.

Happy New Year! It’s that time when people make a thousand resolutions only to stop doing them after the first month. Signing up for the gym is usually the top of the list.

Well no more! Taking care of yourself should be the one resolution that you never give up on. So whether you already have a gym membership or plan to work out at home, stick to taking care of yourself from the inside to the outside.

With that said, it’s the first workout Wednesday of 2020, so make it count.

Here’s a quick workout for maintaining the best you for the new year.

Watch Me: Easy New Year’s Workout

Crunches30 SecondsAbs
Reverse Crunches30 SecondsAbs
Navasana (Boat Pose)45 SecondsCore Strength and Balance
Plank60 secondsCore/ Balance/ Arms
Alternating Leg Lifts60 SecondsGlutes/ Abs
Vertical Leg Crunches45 secondsAbs (Remember to keep your legs as straight as you can)
Weighted Squats45 SecondsGlutes/ Lower Body
Lying Leg Raises60 secondsLower Abs/ Legs


This workout is only about 6 minutes. However, do it twice to complete this quick workout. Don’t give up on you!

With Love,

It’s a New Year! Have you checked my shop yet?

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