Teachers| Piercings| Tattoos| Professionalism

Overview If you are new to my blog, welcome! I am a teacher (among other things) currently enjoying my time in the Pre-K world. Learn more about my education site ‘Future Seeds Academy.’ Moving on, I am also a fan of piercings and tattoos. I recently got a new piercing, a nose ring that spurredContinue reading “Teachers| Piercings| Tattoos| Professionalism”

NYC: Rosé All Day

So I went to Rosé Mansion NYC with a group of ladies. Was it all about the pictures? Yes and no… Here’s why. Prelude: First off, What’s Rosé Mansion? Rosé Mansion is a wine tasting mini adventure explored through about 14 rooms and 8 types of wine. This pop up museum encourages you to takeContinue reading “NYC: Rosé All Day”

If you can read this…. Thank You

So it’s been a bit over a month but you guys have encouraged me to keep writing. As the following on each social network continues to grow, I must stop to say thank you. You…. All of you reading this, you have helped me to reach a new level of followers. This encourages me toContinue reading “If you can read this…. Thank You”

Blogs Paint Pictures

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” Benjamin Franklin So in the last post, we talked about “Beginning a Blog” where we focused on the beginning stages of writing a blog. In this post, I hope to expand that thinking as I discuss what inspired me to write as well as someContinue reading “Blogs Paint Pictures”

Beginning a Blog

“And suddenly you just know, that it’s time to start something new, and test the magic of beginnings.” – Author Unknown Beginning a Blog is the first step to writing your thoughts on paper…. But how? When I first began this blog I had so many thoughts to share but sitting to begin writing wasContinue reading “Beginning a Blog”