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How to be productive and stay inspired.

School is back in session! Needless to say, it’s kept me busy as I attempt to keep things in order.

However, these are five things I’ve learned to keep me organized. I can’t tell you what to do, I can only tell you what’s worked for me.

1. Limit TV Shows

This is a big one. Everyone wants to keep abreast of the latest tv shows. However, honestly, I can’t tell you one. Other than ‘The 100’ on Netflix that I binge-watched over the summer, I honestly don’t know what’s trending now.

As great as tv is, it’s also time consuming. If you calculate watching 1 hour of Netflix and there are about 13 or more episodes in a series, then that’s 13 hours of your day.

Surely, on a weekend I can easily binge watch 13 hours. However, during the work week, that’s minus 1 to 13 hours of productivity time.

2. Invest in a Productivity Planner

In a world of Google, almost everything is automatically added to your calendar. However, if you’re like me, I still have to write things down.

This increased my productivity because I had a plan. In addition, Google was my back up plan to remind me. Though plans don’t always go as they should, it’s good to have one. Therefore, it’s good to invest in a Productivity Planner, write things down and try your best to refer to it. This helps to keep you organized.

3. Stay Inspired

Inspiration= Productivity

So you have a great plan but no inspiration. How do you get inspired to keep doing what you love?

What works for me is a daily affirmation. I found a great app that sends me an affirmation everyday. I make sure to take a few minutes everyday to say my affirmation before I start my day. This usually keeps me calm throughout the day increasing my productivity flow. Inspiration also fuels your drive, it keeps you going.

Got Inspiration? Check out my favorite top ten Inspirational quotes for positivity here.

4. Set Goals

In addition to my daily affirmations, I set a small goal that I can do for the day. This allows me to reap the reward of accomplishing a goal.

As time passes, I may increase to two or three small goals for the day. How is this productive? Easy, you get things done and feel happy for accomplishing small goals. A small goal can be as easy as making the bed to paying a bill, they all help to boost your productivity each day.

5. Be Consistent

This is the hardest thing to do. However, once you develop a plan to increase your productivity and it works, stick to it and only tweak as necessary.

Consistently follow your plan.

If this helped you or if I missed something, let me know with a comment below.

With love,

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