High Hopes|Stay up on that Rise

“While there’s life, there’s hope.”

Marcus Tullius Cicero

So it’s been a while since I wrote an inspirational post. However, I had to make it my agenda today after watching Captain Marvel. Seeing an inspirational female character (minus the notions of females being emotional), who was reintroduced to herself and grew more self aware, all while building herself up to stay hopeful enough to keep getting up, was a basis for this post. However, this is not a review of Captain Marvel, it is a script for inspiration.

In life, there are always going to be struggles. The way you react to those struggles is what builds your character. Click To Tweet It’s easier to give up than it is to build. Trust me, I’ve given up on many struggles once it got too tough. What did giving up get me? It got me closer to nothing.

Start With You

However, when I pushed through my struggles, I was usually able to receive the prize I was working towards.

Let’s take education for example. In A Sheltered Life,’ I spoke about the feeling of always having to prove myself especially since growing up, things were done for me. When I reached to be a true adult (which I believe began at twenty five) I had to learn to survive.

I remembered how I worked my way through undergrad to prove to others that I was smart. However, I later realized my flawed thinking because it was not entirely a goal I set for myself.

When I knew that I had to start doing things for me, it was a push to a selfish me. Selfish to achieve my goals and selfish to survive for my kids.

I then set higher hopes that I was here for a higher purpose. I believe we are all here for a purpose. So I set out to attend graduate school (which I’ve thankfully completed), while in pursuit of that purpose and learning more about my self identity. You should never stop learning about yourself or the beauty and mysteries of the world. Click To Tweet

Who do you do it for?

I had to survive for my kids. If I didn’t work on bettering me, what example would my kids have to look up to? How would they know to survive when I’m no longer there? All these things propelled me to keep hope for a better life while working on myself.

I then began to set goals with my children at the forefront. I wanted to make sure they would have the skills and opportunities needed to survive.

Set Goals

In order to keep high hopes, you have to set small attainable goals. If you have an extreme goal such as being rich… Though it could be attainable, you have to break that extreme goal into steps you need to take to achieve that goal. Your extreme goal is your umbrella or overarching goal, many things fall under it that help you to stay on track for achieving your umbrella goal.

My extreme goal is being financially comfortable and attaining physical properties and investments that my children can benefit from. That is my overreaching goal, however there are many more immediately attainable goals that I have set first, including working on myself first.

Put it in the universe

In my post, put it in the universe, I also said, when you put positive thoughts out there, those are what you receive.

It takes more energy to be upset, than it does to be happy. Click To Tweet So when you’re keeping hope, you have to equally have positive thoughts with that hope. That’s the fuel needed to keep hope alive. It is easier said than done. However, always try to remember hope and positivity go hand in hand.

While we can debate many topics, a friend helped me realize, we can’t debate that we didn’t create ourselves. The universe is the infinite space of the unknown. It is the totality of known and unknown objects and elements that surround us. I would much rather put positivity towards the unknown than negativity.

Stay up on that rise 🎶

If you’re familiar with the song, ‘High Hopes’ by Panic at the Disco, you’d hear the line, “stay up on that rise.” Everything is open to interpretation, however, I interpret it to mean, keep your hope alive.

Once you’ve learned about yourself; found out who you’re living for or your purpose in life that drives you to keep going; the next step is to also keep hope alive.

Keep continuing your cycle of positivity and you will attain your prize. Some prizes take longer to achieve and some don’t happen the way we expect, but once you keep your cycle of positivity, you will achieve that prize. There's no way to go but up. Click To Tweet Any other thought is heading back to negativity.

Until next time,

Stay up !


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