Everyone Knows Their Red Star… But did you know they have a beauty box?Macy’s Beauty Box Review.

I’m back! After a 10 day hiatus for Spring Break, I’m well rested and ready to continue sharing all the new things I’ve been doing.

Over the break, I received my Macy’s Beauty Box, priced fairly reasonably at $15. However, keep reading to see my thoughts.


  • Collection of random beauty products
  • Learn about new beauty products for beauty enthusiasts like myself.
  • Good quality sample sized products
  • Almost sure to receive a product you’ll like.
  • About 5 fun beauty items and a cool cosmetic bag (This was my favorite part of the sample box.)
  • May probably utilize everything in the box


  • $15 monthly adds up, especially if you’re on a budget
  • All items are sample sized (This felt like those Macy’s samples you normally get when you purchase a gift set)
  • Very random, didn’t feel tailored to my style even though you fill out a questionnaire at the beginning. (However, I’m guessing this will be way more work for the sender, especially if they have hundreds of orders to fulfill.)
  • Remember my skin fasting post? This kit completely made me feel as if I was going against my less ‘man-made’ more ‘natural’ product stance.
  • Shipping takes about 7-10 business days. (This is good for Macy’s but not great if you’re spoiled with Amazon standards- which I’m working on rejecting.) Additionally, I happen to be a gold member with free shipping (I spent too much money 🙈), so this may also affect shipping speed.


I was not greatly swayed into wanting more Macy’s beauty boxes after receiving this kit. However, they did manage to fulfill another order before I cancelled my subscription. It should arrive this week, so I’ll update this post if that box is magically better.

Overall, I’d recommend you try it at least once. There just may be products you may like.

This is my honest review and no I was not paid or given free products to write this review. I’m simply sharing my thoughts because I wish there were more honest reviews on the random assortment of things that I purchase.

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