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I Tried Pink Clay| Here’s What Happened.

Pink clay is a fairly new trend in the beauty market in regards to skin care. Pink clay is a mixture of red and white clay and is also said to be a mild cleanser and exfoliator for skin.

So in a previous post, I spoke about skin fasting. After skin fasting for a week, it was time to rejuvenate my skin with a face mask. Therefore, I tried pink clay, and here’s what happened.

Pink Clay for Skin Renewal?


The listed advantages of pink clay are;

  • Improving elasticity
  • Encouraging cell renewal
  • Softens skin
  • Detoxes skin by pulling out impurities
  • Invigorates skin by regenerating skin to remove dark spots and uneven skin tone
  • Refining skin by tightening pores
  • Brightens skin


  • Drying


Though pink clay is listed as the less drying of other clay masks, it is still drying even to my oily skin.

However, the listed benefits definitely outweigh the cons.

Additionally, to get the full benefits of the mask, you have to use it continuously. I would recommend a maximum of two times a week for ten minutes each time.

Also, in comparison to the Aztec clay that I’ve reviewed before, this pink clay was very smooth to apply and felt lightweight, almost as if it were not there. It definitely did not crack and flake as much as the Aztec clay.

Pink clay can get very expensive. I tried a budget friendly brand by Lado Petra, called ‘Detoxifying Pink Clay’ which was about $20 from Amazon for a little over 3 ounces. This brand was not very pink, as shown in the video above, which in my opinion meant there was not a lot of pink clay.

Notably, the pink clay was a ready made mask, while the Aztec clay was the powder of the clay that had to be mixed with something for activation. This could cause a difference in results of the clay masks.

However, after using pink clay, my skin was instantly brightened after the first use. Therefore, I would definitely try it again and would recommend pink clay.

Furthermore, maybe in the future, I would try a slightly more expensive brand that contains more pink clay.

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