Magefy Eyelash Review

Pros Magefy Eyelashes are pretty good quality Comes with 3 different types of tweezers 5 of each style (2 styles total) Good quantity (should last a long time) Easy to clean Quick Shipping from Amazon Quick response rate from Amazon seller (Monkey King was the seller if I remember correctly) Comes with eyelid stickers Instructions …


Cali White |Activated Charcoal Toothpaste Review| Is it Worth it?

Background Recently, I was asked, “How’d you get your teeth so white? What do you brush with?” This was an inspiration for this post. So I’ve been intrigued about naturally whitening my teeth for some time. I don’t drink coffee, rarely drink alcohol but somehow, my teeth were still stained. I’ve tried home remedies of …


High Hopes|Stay up on that Rise

“While there’s life, there’s hope.” Marcus Tullius Cicero So it’s been a while since I wrote an inspirational post. However, I had to make it my agenda today after watching Captain Marvel. Seeing an inspirational female character (minus the notions of females being emotional), who was reintroduced to herself and grew more self aware, all …