Believe it or not: Trader Joe’s Rose Water Review.

So it’s been a busy past few weeks filled with long days and tiring nights. After my makeover at Il Makiage (which I’ll post about later), I was reminded of my tired looking acne prone skin.

Therefore, I set out to refresh my skin. I searched Amazon for a vitamin filled facial spray to refresh my tired looking skin. I found a good vitamin C spray but shipping would shockingly take longer than I wanted.

A day later, I was shopping at Trader Joe’s (for the first time). As I strolled through the aisles, I saw a rose water facial spray. Honestly, I was very hesitant because there were no reviews to read before buying. However, it was fairly inexpensive at about $6. So I figured I wouldn’t be out much money.

I used this spray for almost a month and here are my thoughts.


  • Definitely feels refreshing
  • Good Price
  • Mostly natural Ingredients


  • Not sure it works
  • This was the only new product I added to my routine and my skin broke out with pimples on my chin and cheeks (The worst breakout in months. I usually only get moderate hormonal breakouts monthly.)
  • Light fragrance added


Honestly, everybody’s skin is different. However, with my oily skin, this spray had no major positive changes. It actually dried out my skin a bit.

I stopped using this product on my face and I’m looking into buying the original vitamin c spray that I wanted.

I really wanted to like this rose water spray but it’s not for me. After a month of use, or more, I recommend to keep looking especially if you already have acne.

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