NYC: Rosé All Day

So I went to Rosé Mansion NYC with a group of ladies. Was it all about the pictures? Yes and no… Here’s why. Prelude: First off, What’s Rosé Mansion? Rosé Mansion is a wine tasting mini adventure explored through about 14 rooms and 8 types of wine. This pop up museum encourages you to takeContinue reading “NYC: Rosé All Day”

10 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Breaking

Naturally, your hair goes through cycles every 2-5 years where it takes a break and growth becomes stagnant. However, the cycle only lasts a short while then it resets. In addition, your scalp releases follicles on a daily basis, some times as much as 200 hairs a day. Therefore, it’s no wonder why you mayContinue reading “10 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Breaking”

Can you cure acne? Let’s talk: Curology

What is it? So first off, what is Curology? Curology is a subscription service personalized for treating your skin. My Random thoughts Can you cure acne? I don’t think acne can be cured but it can be managed. Then again, I’m not a doctor. Either way, you have to give props to the play onContinue reading “Can you cure acne? Let’s talk: Curology”

Believe it or not: Trader Joe’s Rose Water Review.

So it’s been a busy past few weeks filled with long days and tiring nights. After my makeover at Il Makiage (which I’ll post about later), I was reminded of my tired looking acne prone skin. Therefore, I set out to refresh my skin. I searched Amazon for a vitamin filled facial spray to refreshContinue reading “Believe it or not: Trader Joe’s Rose Water Review.”

Everyone Knows Their Red Star… But did you know they have a beauty box?Macy’s Beauty Box Review.

I’m back! After a 10 day hiatus for Spring Break, I’m well rested and ready to continue sharing all the new things I’ve been doing. Over the break, I received my Macy’s Beauty Box, priced fairly reasonably at $15. However, keep reading to see my thoughts. Pros Collection of random beauty products Learn about newContinue reading “Everyone Knows Their Red Star… But did you know they have a beauty box?Macy’s Beauty Box Review.”

I Tried Pink Clay| Here’s What Happened.

Pink clay is a fairly new trend in the beauty market in regards to skin care. Pink clay is a mixture of red and white clay and is also said to be a mild cleanser and exfoliator for skin. So in a previous post, I spoke about skin fasting. After skin fasting for a week,Continue reading “I Tried Pink Clay| Here’s What Happened.”

Mofajang Color Wax Review

First off, I must say, I’ve never truly colored my hair. I have a fear of bleaching my hair and then it falling out. Thus, I’m in no rush to ever color my hair, besides, what if I don’t like the color? Enter this temporary hair color wax that’s sweeping the hair world by storm.Continue reading “Mofajang Color Wax Review”

Skin Fasting?

So I know about fasting to cleanse your body, but I was shocked to learn about fasting to cleanse your skin. Overview Skin fasting which apparently originated in the millennial era is where people fast. Just kidding! It’s fasting, but not from food. It’s a way to rejuvenate skin by abstaining from facial products includingContinue reading “Skin Fasting?”

The 7 Best Beauty Benefits of Baking Soda

7. Deep Cleans Hair Baking Soda deep cleans hair and can soften hair as well. Add tea tree oil and your favorite scented oil for added benefits and an uplifting smell. Gets rid of dandruff Gets rid of excess oil Promotes hair growth Deep cleans hair 6. Cleans and lightens under arms Using baking sodaContinue reading “The 7 Best Beauty Benefits of Baking Soda”

Magefy Eyelash Review

Pros Magefy Eyelashes are pretty good quality Comes with 3 different types of tweezers 5 of each style (2 styles total) Good quantity (should last a long time) Easy to clean Quick Shipping from Amazon Quick response rate from Amazon seller (Monkey King was the seller if I remember correctly) Comes with eyelid stickers InstructionsContinue reading “Magefy Eyelash Review”