Best Moisturizer for natural hair: Naturall Club review

It’s review time! First off, Happy Holidays! Second, I missed you guys. So over the Christmas break, Naturall Club hair products have been popping up everywhere. After gifting a deep conditioner set to a friend, I decided to gift myself with a similar set. The set of four which cost about $35 plus $7 shipping,Continue reading “Best Moisturizer for natural hair: Naturall Club review”

Curlfest: Expectation vs Reality 2019 (My First Time)

Dear Beauties and Ravishing readers, Yesterday (Saturday July 27th 2019) was Curlfest! It began at 12pm and ended around 7pm and I’m happy to say this was my first time experiencing this festival. Curlfest happens annually around the month of July and usually occurs in Prospect Park. This year however, it was held on Randall’sContinue reading “Curlfest: Expectation vs Reality 2019 (My First Time)”

The Natural Hair Debate

The topic of natural hair can be overwhelming yet liberating. It’s been a while since I did opinion style writing on Natural Hair. However, my Instagram feed has been off the charts. Hopefully, this post will be brief. Then Growing up with 4c hair has always had its challenges where you’re supposed to conform toContinue reading “The Natural Hair Debate”

10 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Breaking

Naturally, your hair goes through cycles every 2-5 years where it takes a break and growth becomes stagnant. However, the cycle only lasts a short while then it resets. In addition, your scalp releases follicles on a daily basis, some times as much as 200 hairs a day. Therefore, it’s no wonder why you mayContinue reading “10 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Breaking”

Rice Water Review

There’s a belief that using the water from boiled rice has immense benefits for hair growth. I love to try hair myths so I had to test it. Here’s what I found. Pros Very easy to make, you’re basically boiling water and adding rice. Then you take the excess water. Low cost, rice is relativelyContinue reading “Rice Water Review”

5 Natural Hair Accessories I can’t live without

It is now in it’s healthiest state except when I get mean and put too much heat on it. Every, I use these 5 hair accessories otherwise I might be on the brink of a bad hair day. 5. Spray Bottle Spray bottles allow for easy application to hair. When I use the spray bottle,Continue reading “5 Natural Hair Accessories I can’t live without”

Natural Hair? |5 Things You Should Not Do

5. Don’t give up on your hair You’ve worked so hard and I know it seems frustrating sometimes but don’t give up on your hair. Give it time and it will get to where you want it, reasonably speaking. When I say reasonably speaking, I mean don’t expect ankle length hair in 3 months. Additionally,Continue reading “Natural Hair? |5 Things You Should Not Do”

A Pop of Color! Mofajang Hair Wax

Spring is almost here and winter has me feeling dull. Mofajang to the rescue! I’ve always seen the Instagram posts with many naturals adding blue, grey, purple, green and other mofajang colors to their hair. However, having never colored my hair before, I was reluctant to try it until a few coworkers started the trendContinue reading “A Pop of Color! Mofajang Hair Wax”

Naturally a Pearl

Life is made up of a few moments all strung together like pearls. Each moment is a pearl. Joyce Hifler As I was making this headband, I thought about when I transitioned to my natural hair. Hence the inspiration for this post. However, if you want to see the tutorial check out the video above.Continue reading “Naturally a Pearl”