A Gallon a Day

“Thousands have lived without love, but not one without water.”

H. Auden

Happy Wellness! Did you miss me? I’ve been busy working on the logistics of my store and thankfully, business is booming. Nonetheless, I have not neglected improving my overall wellness. As a result, when I came across this water challenge, I did not hesitate.

A Gallon A Day video

Originally, the water challenge was supposed to be for 14 days. However, once I got to 14 days, I just felt like I had to keep going.

Day 1

Water Boredom

I did the water challenge for 30 days. During the 30 days, I drank 1 gallon each day and it was hard. The first day was the hardest. I got so tired of drinking plain boring water.

Day 2

Infused Water

The next day, I wisened up and added fruits to my water. The possibilities were endless with strawberry and cucumber, lemon and strawberry and so on. Therefore the next few days things got easier. Plus, the water tasted great and added extra vitamins.

Day 3

Frequent Urination

So by day 3, frequent urination was a reason that made me want to stop. I was at work and had to constantly go about every two hours or less. This was the toughest part. Even though I expected this would happen, sometimes I would go to the bathroom and still feel the need to go a few minutes later. It was very annoying.

Day 7| Over-hydration

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However, by day 7, my body got accustomed to the water drinking schedule. As a result, even when drinking the same gallon of water, I did not have to use the bathroom as often. Nonetheless when I went, it was like a waterfall.

In addition, though I feared water intoxication which results from drinking too much water. However, sticking to my schedule worked out great. I ordered a gallon bottle from amazon which conveniently had motivations and time markings for every two hours. Thus, I set my phone timer and was reminded to drink my water every two hours.

Every body is different but I never felt over hydrated during my month long experience.

Day 10

Kidney Cleanse

By this day, there was notable changes in the color of my urine. Sometimes it would be almost clear and sometimes it would be almost amber. However, I could tell toxins were being flushed out of my kidneys. I did my research, and while my kidneys thanked me, so did the nutrients being transferred throughout my body with the influx of water.

Day 14

Skin Changes

My skin was amazingly clean. It glowed like never before and the moderate acne I previously experienced was becoming a thing of the past. This was honestly the best part of this cleanse because I knew it was working.

Day 20|Adding Electrolytes

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At this point, I started adding electrolytes as I remember my doctor saying, “We don’t need that much water but we need electrolytes to replenish vitamins.” I’m no doctor, but I decided to take his advice. I still drank a gallon of water. However, about 3 cups would be replaced with coconut water. Just remember, it is not advisable to drink coconut water everyday because your body cannot handle so much electrolytes.

Day 25

Almost There | Weight Changes

The road was long and winding but thankfully day 25 reminded me that I’m almost done.

I had concerns that drinking so much water would cause changes in my weight. I figured either I would retain water or I would be too full and eat less. However, honestly, I ate the same amout and did not feel as full as I had expected, especially towards the middle and end of the challenge. My weight stayed just about the same minus a 1-2 pound fluctuation. This was not a water fast, it was simply adding more water to my day.

Day 30: Finish

I honestly wanted to continue my gallon per day challenge. I’m also quite sure I went a few days past 30. However, one day, my trusted water bottle fell and broke. I spilled a gallon of water all over the museum floor. As a result, I decided… This challenge was done.

Nonetheless, my yoga instructor insists that I should continue drinking a gallon a day. However, I could only tell her…”I’ll try my best.” So wish me good luck.

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