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A healthy diet fuels a healthy body. In this time of uncertainty, many people find themselves stressed for a variety of reasons because we begin to realize we have no control over our future. However, as I’ve stated in a previous post, “Becoming a Personal Trainer,” don’t let that stop you from living in the moment. Everything comes to an end, and when the pandemic ends, who will you be? I surely would like to be an improved version of myself. However, this starts with a healthy mind, spirit and body. So here is a list of 7 foods, that are great for building your immunity.

7. Teas

Teas are a good way to flush out your system and also add antioxidants. There are an array of tea benefits depending on the type of tea that you choose. Try adding honey, lemon, or Ginger to boost your benefits.

6. Yogurt

Yogurt has active cultures and bacteria to boost immune system functions. It also comes with a dose of calcium and protein to fight osteoporosis and help with immune system defense.

As an added benefit be sure to add some fruits such as berries. Then top with granola and nuts to make your body smile.

5. Almonds

Almonds are rich in vitamin E and are a good source of fiber. Many other nuts including walnuts, cashews and even seeds are good too. Additionally, Almonds contain monounsaturated fat which is a good fat associated with reducing cholesterol. It’s also a good source of protein which when combining all these together are great for your immune system.

4. Ginger

Ginger supports digestion and prevents nausea. It also fights infections because it is a powerful antioxidant that your body utilizes to fight unknown substances. Ginger helps to burn fat and boost energy as it is a good source of amino acids. Therefore, don’t hesitate to add ginger to your daily routine to boost your immunity.

3. Greens

Green vegetables and green fruits are great for boosting your immune system. Green foods have antioxidants and vitamins that your body craves to keep functioning on a healthy level. Kale, Spinach, broccoli, limes, green apples, kiwis, green pears and more provide vitamins that are all good in boosting immunity.

Read more about health greens at Sanitarium.

2. Shellfish

Low in calories and high in protein, Shellfish is another immunity booster. Shellfish contains micro-nutrients, omega-3 fatty acids, and are rich in a multitude of vitamins including B12, vitamin A, B6 and more. Some types of edible shellfish include lobsters, oysters, scallops, mussels, shrimp and more. So don’t be afraid to load up on some shellfish just remember everything in moderation.

1. Citrus

Of course this has to be my number one pick because citrus is easily accessible, tasty and super rich in many vitamins. There’s a reason that they say that if you have a cold, you should get some orange juice. That’s because citrus is wonderful for your immune system. Vitamin C helps to fight infections and build immunity to many common diseases.

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