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5 Reasons You should use a toner!

So I know, it’s been forever. The start of the school year is always the busiest. While I’ve been productive at work, I’ve slightly neglected my blog 😟.

Thinking positively, I had a little break to refresh my mind. Nonetheless, I’ve still been busy improving my skin care regimen and found the importance of a toner.

My skin has been up and down with me through the start of this school year but my biggest concern was my enlarged pores which made me feel like my skin looked bumpy.

Anyway, I sought out to find ways to improve my skin and learned about the importance of a toner.

5. Reduces Oil

A toner reduces oil by cleaning pores. After washing my face in the shower, I’d use a cotton ball with toner and the amount of dirt that remains is appalling. It’s happened to me quite enough. This is because products we use, in addition to natural skin oils, build up on your skin. Unless you’re using the best cleanser, it just sits on top of your skin.

4. Tightens Pores

Toners are effective because they shrink and tighten pores. Consistent use of a toner reduces the appearance of enlarged pores because it works to tighten pores as it cleans.

3. Refreshes Skin

A while back, my dermatologist recommended that I use a toner daily. “Why?” I asked.

Despite my initial hesitance, I did try a toner everyday for about two weeks.

This created another problem because despite my oily skin, my skin became extremely dry. That’s because all toners are not made equally.

Therefore, it’s important to find a natural based toner perhaps with fruit based sources, which are a good refresher or wake me up for your pores.

2. Creates a protective barrier

A toner is great at cleaning skin. However, it is also good at protecting it also. Once it cleanses your pores, it works to shrink them by consequently creating a barrier to stop unwanted dirt. Choose the right toner and it can also pack a vitamin packed punch.

1. Evens Skin Tone

I’m always looking for ways to even out my skin. I get hormonal acne which leave unsightly dark marks. If you remember my post, 5 Benefits of black soap, it talks about black soap as an effective method of clearing skin. However, I still wanted to add a toner to my skin care routine to help.

Consistent use of a toner helps even skin tone.

Notable Thoughts

Men don’t neglect your skin. Toners work for you too.

In this post, I chose not to recommend a toner because I’d like to share one I created. However, you’ll have to check out My SunDIY’s videos or posts as I hope to share that video soon.

Until next time,

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