30-30 Ab Roller Challenge

So I’ve taken a momentary pause on my fitness and thankfully the scales have stayed at the same number. However, with summer break quickly approaching, I figured I still have time to attempt a miracle.

Therefore, I’m returning to the No Carbs| No Sugar |10-Day Challenge I did a few months ago. However, in addition to eating better, I’ll also be challenging myself to use an ab roller for 30 days straight, hence the name 30-30 challenge. I tried this a few months ago which was intense at first but after two weeks, things were noticeably different.

30-30 Challenge Breakdown

Which level are you?

The 30-30 challenge is where you do 30 reps with the ab roller for 30 days straight. It may sound like a lot of math but you do 10 reps going straight, 10 reps to the left side and 10 reps to the right side. I eventually advanced my exercise to add a few more reps.

Try to do it around the same time daily for 30 days. Push yourself but still recognize your limits.

Challenge Yourself

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