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10 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Breaking

Naturally, your hair goes through cycles every 2-5 years where it takes a break and growth becomes stagnant. However, the cycle only lasts a short while then it resets. In addition, your scalp releases follicles on a daily basis, some times as much as 200 hairs a day. Therefore, it’s no wonder why you may think your hair is breaking, but how do you know for sure?

The Test

The test is pretty easy, if you comb your hair and multiple strands come out (more than average natural hair loss), then chances are your hair is breaking.

Also check the ends of your hair for split ends, if there are 15 of 30 or more strands containing split ends then, it’s time for a trim.

The Reasons

10. Too much protein

Think of it like this, when your hair is filled with a product, it becomes heavy. It’s weighed down and product build up can form. This is the same concept for protein.

When your hair has too much protein, such as protein treatments on a daily basis, it becomes over saturated and the protein builds up. It’s simply sitting on the strands of your hair unable to be absorbed.

Protein treatments are best every two weeks to a month dependent on how your hair reacts to protein treatments.

9. Dry/ Not Sealing in Moisture

Ever since blowing out my hair, my hair developed a chronic dryness. When hair is dry, it gets brittle and breaks easily. As a result, we have to seal in moisture to avoid dryness.

Everyone’s hair is different, so I can’t say what works for me will work for you. I can simply share that coconut oil and Shea butter have worked wonders in adding moisture in my 4c hair.

8. Heat Damage

So as I’ve said before, my hair experienced extreme heat damage after a few weeks of blowouts over the summer.

As a result I experienced lots of breakage despite hot oil treatments. However, with continuous tlc (tender loving care), it’s slowly regaining it’s natural moisture.

7. Not Clipping Your Ends

When you neglect to cut the split ends of your hair, the split travels up the strands of your hair causing more breakage.

I’ve honestly went wild this winter cutting the ends of my hair. While I suggest a professional cut your ends, using the search and destroy method is one way that has proven to be an arduous yet safer way to get rid of some split ends. This method forces you to section your hair and search for split ends, saving healthy strands from being unnecessarily clipped.

6. Stress/ Hormonal Changes

It’s very hard to stop the natural changes that occur in the body. This includes stress and hormonal factors. Therefore, this is another reason we may experience hair breakage.

5. Genetics

Whether we choose to believe it or not, genetics is another reason for hair breakage. Your body’s chemical breakdown can dictate how your hair is structured.

Androgenic alopecia is a genetic condition that can cause hair loss. This along with other medical hair conditions are reasons why hair damage could be beyond your control.

4. Age

As we age, our body goes through hormonal changes. This may lead to hair thinning as hair cuticles raise. Senescent alopecia is a natural process where sometimes, hair begins to thin as we get older.

3. Medical

As we discussed, medical conditions such as Thyroid disease, Alopecia, Scalp infections,auto-immune diseases and certain medications can cause hair loss.

Always see a doctor if you have any medical concerns.

2. Lack of Vitamins

Your body thrives off vitamins to nourish you from inside out. Don’t just stick to biotin, make sure you’re getting a well rounded dose of vitamins preferably through food sources or also through supplements.

1. Fungus / Bacteria/ Impetigo

Tinea Capitis, Impetigo, bacteria on the scalp or other hair fungi can cause severe hair loss.

However, once you determine what’s causing the hair loss, you’ll be one step closer to fixing it.

Check my post about ways to regrow your hair to find out some tips.

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